A Song of Ice and Fire: Chronicles of Westeros

Fruits of Our Labor

Season 1: Episode 1

Lord Rhys Cantwell becomes the new lord of Castle Goldenwheat after the death of his father several months ago. Accompanied by his mother, Septa Alanna, his mentor Maester Rudolphus, his uncle Ser Merik, his cousin Ser Brodin, and their squire Jonah, Lord Rhys travels to King’s Landing for a tournament to proclaim his right to lead his house before King Robert, and to do honor to the memory of his father and his ancestors.

Some three days north of King’s Landing, Lord Rhys’s group came upon three bodies in a ditch along the Kingsroad. One of bodies found was that of Jodrell a young squire, who before dying from his wounds, spoke of how his master Tymon, and fellow knight Ser Roddik, were also traveling to King’s Landing for the tourney. Late in the evening, they were set upon by some bandits, a group of four rough-looking men, who attacked from ambush. The men must have been sell-swords or former soldiers themselves, as they were well armed and did not fight like brigands. They unhorsed both knights and slew them. Jodrell was stabbed and flung into the ditch. Jodrell said he lost consciousness and doesn’t remember anything more until Lord Rhys and the others arrived.

After Jodrell died, Septa Alanna said a prayer to the Seven then asked Ser Merik to bury the two knights and the squire. However, with the rain that came upon the travelers, Ser Merik advised they head to the Inn at the Crossroads, located nearby, and find people willing to return with them in the morning bury the dead.



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